I drew and did this last…………. but I don’t remember too much of doing it. Well… it was 2 am after all…
Anywho, FLUFF!!!!


I drew and did this last…………. but I don’t remember too much of doing it. Well… it was 2 am after all…

Anywho, FLUFF!!!!


I think wine should be free because thirst is a natural need

The Game of Thrones cast does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (donate: x )


once you start filling in your eyebrows you never go back


"And I know, but you can’t stay angry forever, or so I’m told."


im sorry to break this to you, but it seems as if i have owned you so hard that you are now officially my son. im not happy about it either. in fact i am very disappointed in you 

ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴀɪɴ ᴘʟᴀʏᴇʀs.

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Name: nicole
Birthday: july 23rd
Favorite color: black / pink
Lucky number: 2
Height: 5’4” ??? i think
Talents: procrastinating, non-stop tv show watching, loving dogs
Last dream you remember: i made friends with a hobo and we went on an adventure together to find some food with some other person i vaguely know irl who was apparently my friend in this dream
Can you juggle: well
Art/sports/both: art probably. i like sport too, but if we’re talking about what i’m better at it’s probably art
Do you like writing: i do enjoy writing yes but i don’t think i’m particularly talented at it??? but i’m not bad either
Do you like dancing: YEAH BOY
Do you like singing: HECK YEA

Dream vacation: Australia maybe……… 
Dream guy/gal: sakura haruno
Dream wedding: i… dunno tbh
Dream pet: 2000 DOGS
Dream job: something to do with drama
Favorite album: oh god um maybe….. write it on your skin - NF but also maybe the earth pushed back - HM
Least favorite song: blurred lines probs
Least favorite album: idk…..
Least favorite artist: iggy azalea ? ? ? 

Guys/girls/both/other: both
Hair color: all the colors
Eye color: all the colors
Humorous/serious: a nice mix of both (same cherry)
Taller/shorter: taller for guys, any for girls (samE agaIN CHERRY)
Biggest turn-off: Arrogance, shallowness, superiority complex & low hygiene (same……..)
Biggest turn-on: humour, sincerity, being nice + smelling good 

I tag: mellisandresavacyn-guardian-angel

I was tagged by the lovely i-am-mysterier !!!

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1. Favourite cookie?

white chocolate chip 

OH or white chocolate chip and raspberry mm mm 

2. Have you ever met a celebrity?

i’ve met……. john barrowman and eve myles!! i think i might have met other people but i can only ever remember those two when i get asked this question because they were both lovely

3. Coffee or tea?

oh wow….. i do love both so much but i guess if i had to pick i would choose tea

4. Tell us an embarrassing story!

okay okay so there was this one time in school when i was really young and the teacher was talking about something and i was bored so i started picking my nose and this HUGE booger came out on my finger and i didn’t know what to do so i rubbed it in the carpet then my friend came up to me at break time and she was like “I JUST SAW THE MOST DISGUSTING THING IN CLASS IT WAS A HUGE BOOGER ON THE CARPET” and i was like oh wow oh no play it cool nicole because i KNEW it was mine but i was like “oh ewww gross” and she still doesn’t know it was me to this day 

5. Do you have a favourite historical person? Who?

oh god uhhhhh 

uhhhhh i really like Julie d’Aubigny??? does that count

6. Open the book closest to you and write down the 2nd row (not sentence) on the 7th page.

'branches grabbed at his longsword and tugged on his splendid sable cloak.'

7. Do you believe in past-lives?


8. What time is it?


9. Tell us something good that happened to you this week!

i got a puppy!!! kind of. it was kind of last week. she’s lovely but a bit of a nightmare but i am enjoying her a lot my brothers girlfriend gave her to us because she couldn’t look after her

she’s a cutie patootie 

look at us:

10. What was the last song you listened to?

anaconda - nicki minaj !!!!


i’m not gonna tag anyone or ask any questions cos i’m lazy but thanks for tagging me!!!!


I haven’t posted a selfie in a while but I still am very cute just to keep you updated


"if u keep saying ur cute people are gonna think ur just begging for attention!!!" hell yeah i want all the attention in the world. everyone pay attention to me im wonderful, im great and im beautiful



Nicki Minaj - Anaconda

no really im serious nicki minaj repurposing a song about the male view of sexual climate into a destigmatized anthem of championing your own sexuality is the biggest thing to happen in the world of music in this century. im not joking this is the best song made in like hundreds of years

Would You Rather

Pierce your nose or your tongue? i already have my nose pierced but i would get tongue done too so both 
Drink whole or skimmed milk? skimmed
Die in a fire or drowning? probs fire???? drowning would be horrible but so would fire tbh both are horrible fire might actually hurt more maybe tho…… 
Spend time with your parents or enemies? my parents definitely why would you ever rather spend time with your enemies

Are You?

Simple or complicated? complicated i guess but then again everyone kind of is in their own right
Straight, gay, bisexual, other? i would probably say bisexual if i have to put a label on it but i do have a preference for girls 
Tall or short? shortish
Right handed or left handed? left handed 
A lover of music or a lover of books? mmmm both. i couldn’t choose

Do You Prefer

Flowers or sweets? sweets forever. actually bring me a bouquet of  flowers that are made of sweets
Grey or black? black
Color photos or black-and-white photos? both 
Sunrise or sunset? sunset
M&Ms or Skittles? m&ms 
Staying up late or waking up early? both. i do both on a regular basis. it’s probably bad for me but both are good
Sun or moon? moon
Winter or Autumn? autumn all the way cos it is my favourite season anyway
10 acquaintances or 2 best friends? ehhhh if i had to pick i guess i would pick two best friends but preferably i would choose to have both????
Rainy or sunny? sunny i guess. tho i like rain when i’m looking at it from the inside the comfort of my house
Vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream? gimme that vanilla
Vodka or Jack? vodka forever 

About You

What time is it? 20:57
Name? Nicole
Nicknames? Cole mostly but my sister calls me Role 
When is your birthday? 23rd july
What do you want? at this moment i would likemoney and a can of cider thanks
How many kids do you want? none 
What would you name a girl? i haven’t really thought about it if we’re talking kids here maybe xena…….
What would you name a boy? idk……. 
You want to get married? if it means i could wear a dress and have a big fanciful event ALL ABOUT ME then hell yeah but the rest of it kind of seems complicated 
What kind of music do you like? if i can connect to the lyrics i probably like it but also songs that i can sing really loudly too genre wise i don’t know it varies a lot of the time i like a lot 


Nervous habits? tapping my fingers together really fast and licking my lips
Are you double-jointed? ya
Can you roll your tongue? yeah dude
Can you raise one eyebrow? yea
Can you cross your eyes? nop 


Which shoe goes on first? left 
Ever thrown something at someone? yes…….
On average, how much money do you carry with you? it varies 
What jewelry do you wear? i always wear earrings. three on my left side, two on my right. i sometimes wear necklaces and bracelets but not as often as i could 
Do you twirl or cut spaghetti? cut. i’m pretty messy
Have you ever eaten Spam? no 
Favorite ice cream? ben and jerries cookie dough
How many kinds of cereal are in your cupboard? no idea


Car ride? yday
Song played? can’t stop - red hot chilli peppers
Person you saw? my twinny
Time you cried? last week 
Fight? idk